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    This new multi-functional tool is both a knife sharpener and a tool to work on your knife combined into one unit. There are two pull-through sharpening slots, a coarse and a fine slot, for sharpening everyday pocket knives and sport knives. The coarse slot is for putting a quick, sharp cutting edge on your knife blade, then use the fine slot to polish that cutting edge to razor sharpness. If you need to sharpen a larger cutting tool, you can use the square, carbide rod and scrape the cutting edge at the preferred sharpening angle. If you uneed to sharpen serrations, just use the specially shaped, triangular rod on the side of the unit.

    In addition to knife and tool sharpening capabilities, the Sharpener and Knife Tool can also be used to repair and maintain your knife. It has 8 different wrench bits that store inside the product's durable, plastic housing to use for removing pocket clips and/or taking your knife apart. And when you need to shine a light inside the small areas of your knife, there is a removable LED light to help you see.

    Each Ultimate BBQ Pack includes everything you need to have the ultimate BBQ! Inside each kit you will find: 3 Double Prong skewer 4 packs, 3 Flexible Fire Wire 2 packs, 4 Marinade Kits, 1 Knife Sharpener.